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What is Drone Photography?

Do you ever wonder how those rare photos and videos of the ocean, jungle, or desert, on National Geographic are captured?

Thanks to the evolution of technology and most recent development in photography, hard-to-capture photos and videos like those are fairly easy to shoot.

Ever since its debut, the drone continues to be a popular trend, allowing individuals and businesses to capture rare perspectives that regular cameras simply can’t.

A remote-controlled, flying, unmanned camera that is suitable in most climates is just what you need to get your real estate off the market.

At Visual Media LA, we’ve mastered the art of perspective, and we go above and beyond (no pun intended) to get the most exclusively rare, real estate shots for our clients.

Visual Media LA’s drone photography can transform your property from a house, to the most lucrative investment you’ve ever made.

a big house with a pool and Hollywood in the background

Why Use Drone Photography?

Partner with us and reap all the benefits of aerial photography:

Unique Perspective

Unlike a manned aircraft, drones can fly into/around places that we couldn’t reach before.

Airplanes are much larger than any drone out there and while drones can’t fly thousands of feet in the air, they can still reach at least 300-ft. to get a great shot.

At Visual Media LA, our drone photographers will capture the shots you need to sell your LA property.

Stand Out from the Competition

The real estate industry is competitive and offers buyers thousands of homes, including the one you’re trying to sell.

Competing with all of the homes that are for sale throughout Los Angeles is challenging and if you don’t advertise your home efficiently, it’ll sit on the market for longer than you want.

Make your real estate photos and videos stand out with Visual Media LA’s drone photography and separate yourself from the competition.

Buyers will appreciate your modernity, want to see your property in person, and hopefully, make an offer that you can’t resist.

Reliable Technique

Mastering drone photography takes time, but when you do, you’ll realize it’s a reliable technique that withstands the test of time.

While drones can tolerate various climates and temperatures, they can’t be drenched underwater or flown through the tundra. Drones are still electronic pieces of technology that require care.

If you care for your drone, it’s an investment that you can use forever.

Saves Time

Drones are efficient and capturing the shots that you need typically takes a few hours.

Attempting to get the aerial shots that a drone can take would be impossible and take forever if we tried to do it with a regular camera.

HD Quality

Flying hundreds of feet in the air while combating the surrounding wind and environment is difficult.

However, drones are specifically designed to capture crisp, steady shots even with the surrounding atmosphere, which may be one of the greatest benefits of drone photography.

Minimal Interference

Drones are used for all types of events that require minimal noise and interference.

When you’re at a wedding or graduation, you typically don’t even notice that there’s a drone flying around unless you’re focused on it.

Drones are convenient and quiet enough to use for our residential aerial shots without disturbing the surrounding neighborhoods.

Drone Photography Services

The countless benefits of drone photography outweigh the traditional practices of selling your real estate.

Buyers want to see innovation and excitement, especially when they’re buying a new home.

Make the first impression count and get your property off the market with Visual Media LA.

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